The 17 Best Hot Sauces for Fried Eggs, Grilled Cheese, Blood Marys—the List Goes On – Rebecca Firkser

Sometimes a meal simply isn’t ready to eat without a dash (or five) of your favorite hot sauce. And there are so many varieties out there! Personally, I’ve been cultivating a giant hot sauce collection in the form of gifts for my dad. Every birthday or holiday he gets a funky, fruity, or over-the-top hot bottle of something from yours truly, and we’ve been burning our tongues on them for years.

Because I just can’t get enough, I checked in with some food writers and recipe developers to see which hot sauces they like to keep on hand. Whether we’re talking about livening up avocado toast, grain bowls, and eggs, or just using the condiment to add heat to marinades and dips, there’s nothing better than hot sauce.


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