I No Longer Stress About Family Finances. Here’s Why

So life is good. Your family has a comfortable income and a manageable lifestyle to go with it. The kids are healthy and busy with fun activities, and though you occasionally complain about the hectic schedule, you really wouldn’t have it any other way right? But what if you tragically lost it all? Stop the hectic family schedule long enough to consider this: could your family maintain its desired lifestyle if you or your spouse died unexpectedly? 

For the long-term care of your family, you can’t ignore the topic of affordable term life insurance. Take the emotion out of the conversation and just focus on the math. Add up your monthly bills, consider the future cost of college for the kids, and the amount of money it would take to pay off the mortgage. All of this factors into the amount of life insurance coverage you would need. As a simple rule of thumb, some financial experts suggest purchasing life insurance coverage that would amount to ten times the annual income of the covered individual. It might seem like insurance premiums would be very expensive to cover this amount, but it’s not uncommon to get sufficient plans for an affordable price for you and your family. See for yourself at SelectQuote where they’ll give you a free quote from a select group of trusted insurance providers across the country! 

There are many life insurance companies to choose from and each offers a variety of term life options. With so many to choose from, the likelihood of finding a low-cost plan is very good. 55% of Americans have some level of life insurance. If that many people have life insurance, it must not be as expensive as you feared. Wouldn’t the peace of mind in knowing your family has a lifetime of security for an affordable price be fantastic? 

Take advantage of the leverage you have with many life insurance companies competing for your business. Visit SelectQuote to get a quick assessment of the possibilities. It’s easy and it’s free. SelectQuote compares your options among many insurance providers to deliver the best options for you. Take this first step toward a guaranteed secure future for your family. What initially seems like a tough conversation you want to avoid, will be one of the most gratifying discussions you’ve ever had once you have suitable term life insurance in place. 

Don’t be left in an awkward position by avoiding a good conversation about the security you’ll have with term life insurance. Replace the fearful emotions about life insurance with real world facts and numbers. You’ll see the value in affordable term life coverage, and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction in knowing you’ve provided lifelong financial security for your family. Get it started today with a visit to SelectQuote for a fast, free term life insurance quote.

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