Blue by ADT home security system review: ADT takes another shot at the DIY security space – Christopher Null

Early last year, security giant ADT bought LifeShield, a home security brand that changed hands a few times over its 16-year life before ending up in the pocket of its current owner. LifeShield wasn’t a runaway hit with this reviewer—I gave it 2.5 stars in late 2018—and ADT seems to have had some level of agreement with that assessment. The brand was quietly killed when ADT announced its successor at CES in January 2020, and finally LifeShield’s replacement, Blue by ADT, is actually here.

Two years is a lot of time to learn from the mistakes of the past, and to be sure, ADT has figured out much of what made LifeShield such a problematic offer. For starters, the entire business model has changed. LifeShield’s hardware was essentially free. You instead paid for it as part of a $30- to $40-per-month monitoring plan, which you were locked into for three years.

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