Hex Home Security monitors your Wi-Fi network to detect intruders – Michael Brown

Origin Wireless says it has a better way of securing your home. Instead of mounting motion detectors, door/window sensors, and security cameras all over your home, Origin’s Hex Home Security system uses a single Hex Command hub and a Hex Sense plug-in sensor to analyze disruptions in your Wi-Fi network as people move around your home.

I first became aware of Origin Wireless at the 2020 CES, when the company demonstrated its technology as part of Belkin’s Linksys Aware initiative. Linksys continues to offer Linksys Aware as an optional service with its Wi-Fi mesh routers. Origin’s Hex Home can be used with any manufacturer’s Wi-Fi router, whether it be a single access point router or a mesh network device. The system monitors the radio waves emitted by your Wi-Fi network and calculates how those waves change as people move around the home and disrupt them.

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