Lockly has new smart locks for swingers and sliders (doors, that is) – Ed Oswald

Lockly is one of the few smart lock manufacturers to also offer a smart entry latch (a lock and handle combo). The company’s latest products are the Lockly Guard smart deadbolt sliding and swing-style doors, and the Lockly Duo latch/deadbolt combo for swinging doors.

Lockly and its biometric smart locks first came to our attention in 2018. We reviewed its smart lock/video doorbell combo in early 2020. In both cases, we were impressed with the company’s fingerprint-recognition prowess and the Pin Genie features of its touch-sensitive numeric keypad scrambles the order of numbers to prevent a burglar from guessing your PIN based on the location of fingerprints. We were much less impressed with the convoluted process of installing its locks, but the company promises it’s resolved that issue.

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