Hack together your own e-paper smartwatch with this $50 open-source kit – Mitchell Clark

Image of the Watchy
Image: SQFMI

If you’ve ever wanted to be like Steve Wozniak and have your own custom-made, geeky watch, Squarofumi (stylized SQFMI) may have the product for you: an open-source, Arduino-powered smartwatch with a 1.54-inch e-paper screen (via Gizmodo). It’s called the Watchy, and both the hardware and software are completely customizable. You can, however, use it right out of the box, as the PCB acts as the body and has points to attach a watch strap. And to top it all off, it’s only $50, on sale for $45 at time of writing.

The SQFMI site has sections for watch faces and cases, but at the moment they both only say “Coming Soon,” so if you’re thinking about this watch, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re ready for a DIY project. Oh, and there’s…

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