The TikTok Tortilla Hack the Internet Is Flipping Out About – Valerio Farris

Every once in a while, the wheel is reinvented. If we’re lucky, smart, or even particularly ingenious, we find new ways to do old things. These novel approaches can flip convention completely on its head, or ever so slightly tweak a well-known formula. The latter is precisely the case with a recent internet hack that’s been sweeping the internet.

It all started on TikTok (duh, where else?), when, on December 29th, user crystalscookingfun took a flour tortilla, cut a slit along its radius, placed a single ingredient into each of the circle’s quadrants, folded accordingly, and griddled the whole affair to crisp perfection in a panini press. Her folded wrap included a sliced chicken cutlet, spring mix, tomatoes, and grated cheese. Here’s the general formula:


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