Analiese Gregory Cooks, Hunts, & Fishes at the Bottom of the World – Jess Kapadia

Analiese Gregory was born in Auckland, New Zealand, to a Chinese-Dutch mother and Welsh father. Schooled remotely for several years during a caravan trip around Australia, she is no stranger to discovering the wonders of her environment without much provocation. Analiese worked in several of the world’s finest restaurants—including under French culinary legend Michel Bras—before settling in Tasmania, the “bottom of the world,” to head up the kitchen at the award-winning Franklin Restaurant.

She’s since taken to the screen like a stingray to water, appearing with chef Gordon Ramsay in his National Geographic series Uncharted, working on her own upcoming travel and cooking show, A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing, and Wild Cooking, and publishing her new cookbook, How the Wild Things Are, with narrative by renowned Tasmania-based nature and food writer Hilary Burden.


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