The best smart lock for a keyless home – Christopher Null

While traditional lock-and-key systems have improved over time, the basic mechanism hasn’t really changed since the first lock was invented more than a thousand years ago: A piece of metal that is just the right shape pushes pins inside a lock into the proper position, allowing the lock mechanism to turn. As a society, it’s been tough to replace a system that has worked reasonably reliably for literally a millennium.

Updated  February 9, 2021 to add our Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi review. Eufy clearly learned a lot from the mistakes it made with its first-generation smart lock. This new iteration is superior in every way. That said, it’s not quite good enough to displace the Kwikset Halo as our top pick in this category, and the more expensive Level Touch holds on to the runner-up spot due to its sophisticated design (be aware, however, that the Level Touch requires an Apple HomeKit hub for remote access and is therefore not a great choice for Android users).

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