The Best Vacuums for Every Kind of Dust, Dirt & Mess – Caroline Mullen

Here at Home52, we’ve often called upon the larger Food52 team to participate in roundup-style stories, and it’s always interesting to see which topics engender immediate passion, and which we have to tease out more directly. Most recently, we asked our coworkers to share the very best things they bought for their home in 2020, which they responded to quickly and with excitement, eager to spread the gospel of standing desks, giant mixing bowls, and corn on the cob sculptures (yep).

The only topic that perhaps outdid that? Vacuums. When I put a poll out in the company-wide Slack channel asking for vacuums they “swear by/saved for/cradle in bed at night,” the responses poured in with speed and fervor. As it turns out (and lucky for my article, and you), working from home for a year makes people passionate about ridding their homes of dust and debris—and our staff has lots to say about how their vacuums improve their quality of life.


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