Alexa can now chat with visitors who ding your Ring video doorbell – Ben Patterson

Your Ring video doorbell is about to get a lot chattier with folks on your doorstep, courtesy of new Alexa-powered “smart responses” that are rolling out now to the Ring app.

Ring announced on Wednesday three new Ring doorbell features that allow Alexa to greet visitors at your door, take messages, and even tell delivery personnel where to leave packages. You can also set supported Ring doorbells to issue canned responses or even warn people that they’re being monitored and recorded.

First up is Alexa Greetings, which allows Alexa to greet anyone who pushes the doorbell button on your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. “Hi, this is Alexa, what is the purpose of your visit,” Alexa will ask, and if you’re not home or you’re not in the mood to answer the door, Alexa can take a message, or she can give instructions on where to leave packages.

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