Enbrighten Outdoor WiFi Smart Yard Stake review: Six outdoor smart plugs in one – Michael Brown

Most outdoor smart plugs give you two controllable outlets, and that’s it. We give them extra credit if you can control the two outlets independently, but what if two outlets just aren’t enough? Enter Jasco’s Enbrighten Outdoor WiFi Smart Yard Stake. This weatherized smart plug turns a single grounded outdoor outlet into six that you can control via Wi-Fi without needing a smart home hub. Unfortunately, all six are either on or off—the outlets cannot be controlled independently.

Just because it’s called the Enbrighten Smart Yard Stake doesn’t necessarily need to hammer this outdoor smart plug into the ground. The plastic stake is entirely optional and needn’t be attached; keyholes on the back let you mount it to your house if that’s more convenient. That’s how I elected to use it to control a small water fountain on my front porch. I also plugged in some low-voltage landscape wiring, and it will be even more useful this holiday season, when I use some of its remaining outlets for decorative lighting.

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