My Home Doesn’t Feel Clean If This Item Is Dirty – Caroline Mullen

Welcome to Your No-Sweat Guide to Spring Cleaning, a month-long series that puts the fun (yep, for real!) back into cleaning. We’re talking spruce-ups that take less than five minutes, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that hacks, and hands-off cleaning tasks that basically…do themselves—plus our trustiest tools and helpers. The goal: clean less, go outside more.

There are a few major stink culprits in the kitchen, often leading to a fun game of “who’s causing that odor?” in which I fling open doors, lift up containers, and peer suspiciously at even the most benign items, searching for the offender. Lucky for me, I’ve inherited an annoyingly acute sense of smell from my mother, and I usually can’t sit still until I find the source of the odor. Sometimes it’s the sink, having had one too many run-ins with stray onions and rogue rigatoni. Sometimes it’s the fridge, because the cucumber I swore I’d eat as a snack (ha!) has lost the will to go on. Sometimes it’s even the dishwasher, which consistently collects bits of food in a vile little basket.


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