Reolink Go PT review: This home security camera can operate almost anywhere – Michael Brown

Installing a security camera outdoors presents three challenges. The first is related to power, the second has to do with connectivity, and the third is coverage—monitoring outdoor space is much more challenging than keeping an eye on an interior room.

The Reolink Go PT addresses the first problem in an increasingly common way: With a battery, plus a solar panel to keep the battery topped off. It handles the second challenge by relying on 4G LTE instead of connecting to your Wi-Fi network. And there’s a pan/tilt motor to move its lens around, so you can see your entire outdoor space.

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Using a 4G LTE connection instead of Wi-Fi frees you from that network infrastructure’s limitations. You can deploy the Reolink Go PT virtually anywhere—provided it’s within range of a T-Mobile cell tower, that is. That makes this camera particularly useful for both large residential properties and locations where you might not otherwise have permanent broadband service, such as a vacation cabin.

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