Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) review: Alexa’s got her eye on you – Michael Brown

The third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10 isn’t just Amazon’s best smart display, it’s the most innovative, the most sophisticated, and the best-sounding smart home hub ever. The brushless motor that almost silently spins its 10.1-inch HD display around a 350-degree arc is the feature that will grab your attention when you take it out of the box, but you’ll quickly discover many more things to get jazzed over when you set about exploiting its capabilities to the fullest.

Updated April 6, 2021 to add an unboxing and setup video (see above).

Using feedback from its onboard 13-megapixel camera as well as from its far-field microphones, the Echo Show 10 rotates its display around its base so that it’s always facing you. This is a fantastic feature whether you’re following a recipe, engaging in a video call, or watching a movie on Netflix. And Amazon gives you full control over how motion occurs: You can disable it entirely, enable it only for some activities—such as when making video calls, watching a video, or following a recipe—or you can activate/deactivate it on demand by saying things like “Alexa, follow me,” “Alexa, turn right,” or “Alexa, turn off motion.”

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