Weird Apple design: ‘Spring Loaded’ edition – Jay Peters

The iMac’s big chin. | Image: Apple

Apple’s product design is usually very good, setting industry standards for how many of the gadgets and computers we use every day look and feel. But the company’s many hits make the less obvious design decisions stand out that much more.

Thanks to the huge amount of new stuff Apple introduced at its “Spring Loaded” event on Tuesday, we have a lot of new Apple designs to scrutinize. While the company generally did pretty well with this round of updates, there are still a few things that made us raise our eyebrows.

The iMac still has a big chin

Image: Apple
The new iMac and its large chin.

I think Apple’s new iMacs look really good — except for that darn chin, which, once again, proudly protrudes from the bottom…

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