Netflix’s official Vtuber is part sheep and promotes anime – Jacob Kastrenakes

A screenshot of Netflix’s video introducing N-Ko. It includes a picture of N-Ko and a description reading: “What is she? Sheep-human lifeform”
Netflix’s Vtuber, N-Ko. | Image: Netflix

Netflix has joined the Vtuber trend, unveiling a virtual streamer this week who will host a weekly show on the company’s YouTube channel to promote its original anime series. The character is named N-ko Mei Kurono, and Netflix describes her as the company’s “anime ambassador.” She also happens to be a “sheep-human lifeform.”

Vtubers, or “virtual YouTubers,” are animated hosts who often vlog on YouTube or stream on Twitch. In general, these characters are operated by a single human, who will use motion capture software (and sometimes a motion-capture outfit) to transform themselves into a cartoony character on-screen. Some Vtubers have become hugely popular over the past year, including Projekt Melody and CodeMiko.

Netflix is using the…

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