We’re Calling It: This Is the Golden Age of Candles – Caroline Mullen

I grew up in a house pretty much devoid of candles, unacquainted with their simple pleasures until I flew the nest. My mother is very scent-sensitive (seriously, the woman can catch a whiff of a Reese’s peanut butter cup from 15 feet away) and is an insurance adjuster who’s seen too many house fires start from unattended candles. So, I discovered the charm of a nighttime candle only in college, at which point they were banned in dorm rooms (understandably so), and were all the more precious since they were at constant risk of confiscation.

Fast forward to my adult life, and boy do I still love the evening ambience. I’ve got multiple candles in every room, set up with little jars of matches for whenever the mood strikes. I’m far from alone in this, as well, according to the explosion of candle content to be found on the internet in the past year. We’ve seen people of all ages reshaping, making, reviewing, and caring for their beloved candles like never before, and it’s really a pretty wholesome hobby to indulge.


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