PowerDVD 20 Ultra review: The best media player. Now with social distancing! – Jon L. Jacobi

PowerDVD 20 offers the best video playback money can buy, bar none. Yes, more than competent freebies such as VLC are available, but when it comes to image quality, Cyberlink’s pay-player has no peers. And peers, you and yours, is largely what this latest version is all about—you can now upload, share, and stream your videos to nearly any device and anyone via the company’s cloud service.

Updated to provide a link to our news story about the release of PowerDVD 21.

Interface and usability

PowerDVD features two interfaces: one for use while you’re at your PC, and the other—TV Mode—for use with a remote when you’re playing couch potato. To facilitate your slothfulness, Cyberlink provides the Power Remote app, so your phone can fill that role. Sweet.

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