Aura Air review: Trades air pollution for noise pollution – Michael Brown

The Aura Air air purifier takes a decidedly different approach to scrubbing your home air of airborne pollutants and odors. Unlike competing products that typically sit on the floor, the Aura Air mounts to your wall. And rather than filter air by pulling it through one side of a square or rectangular filter and exhausting out the other, the Aura Air sucks air through a circular filter and exhausts it in all directions.

It sounds like a great idea, and the Aura Air does have several strong features. The problem is that it trades air pollution for noise pollution: It’s extremely loud, even at its quietest setting.

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A fan at the back of the Aura Air draws air through an intake at the front, where a polymer mesh pre-filter traps large airborne particles such as dust and pollen. The air then passes through a round filter—Aura calls it the Ray Filter—which consists of three layers: a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter to absorb odors, and a cotton fabric filter impregnated with copper oxide to destroy bacteria and neutralize viruses, fungus, and mold.

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