Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in May – Emma Laperruque

What recipes are you looking forward to right now? For me, it’s these Curry Potato Buns (I mean, just look at them) from WoonHeng Chia and this Toast Frittata (toast! frittata!) from Rebecca Firkser. But maybe you’re looking forward to takeout more than anything else. I get it. Cooking fatigue is a thing, and honestly, I’ve never felt it more than I have these past few months. Luckily though? We have an armload of new recipes that are just about impossible not to crave. Here are our most popular ones from the past month.

10. Mom’s Portuguese Rice

This highly craveable recipe from Dan Pelosi is “a perfect one-pot situation,” he writes, “and very much a ‘mom’ recipe, which is probably why we ate it so often.”


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