Turbolock TL88 Bluetooth fingerprint smart lock review: An affordable, if basic, biometric entry lock – Christopher Null

Turbolock’s latest smart lock lacks Wi-Fi, using only Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity. For Turbolock, that’s not a fault, it’s a feature: Because this is a so-called “Non-Wi-Fi-enabled (NWE)” smart lock, it can’t be hacked via the internet, per the company. (There’s also no physical keyhole, so the lock can’t be picked, either.)

Unlike most smart locks on the market, the TL88 isn’t a deadbolt but rather a lever lock with a standard latch assembly. All the smarts are built into electronics jammed directly into the handles.

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While it streamlines the design, it does make for a mildly challenging physical installation. The TL88 comprises just three main parts (inside lever, outside lever, and internal latch), with no plates or escutcheons to contend with, and the whole affair is held together with just two bolts (plus the two screws needed to connect the latch to the door).

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