Eshldty RGB Power Strip Tower review: 9 AC outlets, 4 USB charging ports, and a weather-resistant light show – Glenn Fleishman

If you find yourself needing to plug in a lot of AC devices, charge your USB-equipped phones and tablets, miss your disco-dancing days, and have your gear occasionally spritzed with water, the Eshldty RGB Power Strip Tower neatly fits all your needs in one surge protector with a bit of a premium in its price. If only some of those features sound of interest, you might want to look elsewhere for a cheaper, but—let’s be honest—far more boring supply of power.

Eshldty clearly has a customer in mind: one who has children or careless friends who are regularly whipping liquid all over everything—or someone living large outside the house. This 9-outlet tower of power has an IPX6 water-resistance rating, which corresponds to exposure to water up to and including “powerful water jets” (you can read all about IP codes in this story).

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