What Is a Buy Nothing Group? Only the Best Thing I’ve Joined. – Christine Platt

Simply Living is a new column by Christine Platt, aka the Afrominimalist. Each month, Christine shares her refreshing approach to living with less, with clever tips for decluttering, making eco-friendly swaps, and creating a more mindful living space that’s all you.

Early in my journey to living with less, I did what most people do when they are ready to part with items that no longer serve them: I gathered up my donations and drove them to my local Goodwill. I recall feeling so accomplished while waiting in line to drop off my items, a feeling that only grew stronger as my car approached the free-standing donations’ trailer. Until one day, I found myself pulling up right when items were being transported inside the local facility. Given the angle of my vehicle, I could see directly into the Goodwill storage area. I was horrified. I had never seen so many industrial-sized rolling bins overflowing with things.


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