Nigerian Self-Service Ticketing Startup Tix Africa Attracts Investment – Nicholas Say

Nigerian startup Tix Africa is a self-service ticketing platform for event creators. It recently closed a successful pre-seed funding round that is worth at least six figures.

In 2019, Tix Africa was launched to solve the problems of ticketing for events in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria. Additionally, Tix Africa has developed an event technology that can help event organizers mine detailed data from participants, reducing costs and maximizing revenue in the process.

This round of funding was led by HoaQ with the participation of a number of other private equity investors. Tix Africa is planning to use the funds to scale its event applications, primarily by launching Tix Pro – the paid version of Tix.

The company is planning to expand to other markets, and be able to integrate the distinct products and services so that users can participate in the other events together. The startup is interested in expanding operations to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Egypt in the near future.

More specifically, the application provides tools and services to help event organizers plan and organize in an effective way. Tix Africa also offers other special features including online ticketing, access control, event reporting and convenient payment.

Event creators also create and monetize live or virtual events, allowing for the creation of customizable event pages, and secure payment collection via Paystack.

The goal of this startup is to build an app that can provide event attendees with a marketplace where they can securely buy, trade and resell tickets.

The company believes that it will continue to provide the best technology support solution for event organizers and participants. It wants to provide an exceptional experience when participating in the event, as well as easy ticket booking, and a simple process from when a person arrives at an event.

Tix Africa is still developing its technology, and by tailoring its services and expanding the technology team and the products they offer, Tix Africa is working to drive continued growth and development over the coming years.

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