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I Love Summer When It’s Simple

Just hearing the word “summer” soothes my working-late, checklist-invested soul. What’s most magical about this season is the way we’re all likely to feel a little more chill—and a lot more in touch with what our bodies need and crave. For me, it’s the feeling of sun against my skin (protected with mineral sunscreen, of course), a just-picked snap pea or endive leaf dipped into a warm bagna cauda (I make mine dairy free now—just olive oil, anchovies, garlic, and black pepper), and (my favorite) a dive into cool water on a hot day.

This sunscreen blends right into my skin, blocks both UVA and UVB rays with zinc oxide, and fits easily into my bag, plus the yellow tube is just adorable.

Grown Alchemist
Natural Hydrating
Sunscreen SPF 30

goop, $39


There’s olive oil, and then there’s this—it’s small-batch, hand-harvested only at night in late September, and sealed with nitrogen to keep oxygen out and the goodness intact. It’s fresh and green and delicious, amazing for dipping and drizzling, and I also take the occasional straight-up shot of it.

Domenica Fiore
Novello di Notte Extra
Virgin Organic Olive Oil

goop, $74


In partnership with our friends at
Domenica Fiore

Whether it’s whiskey or really-good-for-you olive oil, this is the glass.

Richard Brandon
Diamond Shot Glasses Set of 2
goop, $144


Summer Sweat

I love a great summer glow. Of course, the way I eat, move, and take care of myself makes a huge difference in how glowy I look—and feel. Sweat is key, whether it’s an early-morning Tracy Anderson class (I’m excited to finally go in person in Water Mill), a brisk walk along the beach, an infrared sauna, or my new favorite, a “deep-dive detox” bath called Tubmarine. You have to try this last one to believe how good you feel when you get out: Make sure it’s pretty much the last thing you plan to do in a day, because you emerge so relaxed, bed is the only destination (though you could stumble over to, say, a hammock in the shade to lounge and look up at the clouds on lazy afternoon). It’s this deep-green color from the algae and the hand-harvested salts. When you get out, wrap yourself in a towel or a robe and rest and sweat for twenty minutes—it’s just magic.

goop, $18


There’s nothing like an infrared sauna experience—even in midsummer, I swear—for feeling your glowy best.

Clearlight Saunas
Nordic Spruce 2-Person Sauna
Clearlight Saunas, $3,300


I wear this on my finger to track data on my body’s natural signals—things like heart rate, heart rate variability, and body temperature—to help monitor the amount and quality of my sleep, exercise, and more. It’s incredibly helpful, and I can’t stop recommending it to people.

Oura Ring
goop, $299


If you don’t have the space or budget for a full-on infrared sauna, you can still get the benefits.

Infrared Sauna Blanket V3
goop, $500


The Easy Skin Routine

I usually do my skin routine before I jump in the tub or after I get out of the sauna. Either way, Microderm is my forever-ultimate way to get my skin as glowy as possible, and I now supercharge that amazing exfoliation with my Glow Lotion moisturizer. I use the latter both morning and night. And my obsession with face oil just keeps going—it feels so good on your skin, especially after a day near the water.

This is just the best little skin routine for glow—at a beautiful price.

goop Beauty
GOOPGLOW Glowing Skin Duo
goop, $48


What’s so good about this: You get long-term results (smoothed wrinkles, firmer skin) along with the amazing moisturizing. It’s great alone on bare skin, and sometimes I’ll layer it over Glow Lotion for extra hydration.

goop Beauty
Super Nutrient Face Oil

goop, $98/$89 with subscription


My Beach Setup

These beach essentials are new on goop, and I’m obsessed. They make an afternoon at the ocean easier, much more comfortable, and a little glamorous, too.

Chic, light, and easy to set up.

Business & Pleasure Co.
Premium Beach Umbrella
goop, $299


The striped T-shirt of beach chairs (excellent for watching kids’ games, too).

Business & Pleasure Co.
The Tommy Chair
goop, $249


Handwoven in Mexico, this straw boater has a great extra-wide brim and sun protection (UPF 50), and it’s cute as hell.

Lack of Color
Island Palma Boater
goop, $129


A huge striped beach towel in the perfect blue.

Business & Pleasure Co.
The Beach Towel
goop, $69


One of the most beautiful things about Long Island is the way the moon looks almost impossibly huge as it rises over the water. This lets you know what’s happening (waxing, waning, etc.) and gives you tips on how best to harness the celestial energy on any given day.

Lexmond & Lexmond
Moon Calendar 2021
goop, $36


A firepit and a full moon on the beach is a pretty magical combination. This one’s easy to carry yet supports heavy logs and high temperatures, and the design is beautifully sleek and simple.

Barebones Living
portable outdoor Fire Pit
goop, $140


My Summer Uniform

Hello. Sundresses and shorts and bathing suits!

This is officially a swim cover-up, but
I fully wear it as a dress sometimes.

G. Label
Crain Tunic
goop, $425


This simple, sexy organic-cotton tank with summer-weight cashmere shorts is just the best combination.

Scoopneck Rib Tank
goop, $120


G. Label
Harned Sweater Shorts
goop, $395


I throw this on when I don’t want to get out of bed—it’s the airiest organic cotton—but want to look summery and pulled together.

Striped Cotton Dress
goop, $285


What I’m (Barely) Cooking

Finding delicious, nutrient-dense food is easier at this time of year—so I cook as little and as lightly as possible, celebrating the freshness of it all. I’m still mostly paleo in my approach, so I love a great olive oil drizzled over grilled proteins like fish and chicken or vegetables like zucchini, peppers, and radicchio. I have a trusty salsa verde recipe that I lean on heavily, and the Domenica Fiore Reserva elevates it: It’s organic, grown on an Umbrian estate that sits on an ancient, mineral-rich seabed, and it’s (justly) won award after award. It’s complex, smooth, peppery—exactly what I’m looking for.

Domenica Fiore
Reserva Extra
Virgin Organic
Olive Oil

goop, $48


In partnership
with our friends at
Domenica Fiore

Padova Ceramic Nonstick
10-Piece Cookware Set

goop, $250


GP’s Salsa Verde


A hard recipe to give precisely. My amounts are always a little different, and my herbs change frequently depending on what’s growing in my garden and what I’m serving it with. This is my standard salsa verde—heavy on the chives, easy on the parsley, generous, as always, with the anchovies.

The Elegant and Easy
Spanish Tortilla


This Spanish tortilla is amazing hot or cold (I can’t have beans at the moment, so I’m going without the salad). Swirl a little olive oil over the top and it’s extra good.

Incredible Sweet Potato Hummus


I serve this sweet-potato-and-tahini dip with a generous glug of olive oil, crunchy raw veggies, or Grain-Free Seed Bread. It’s bean-free and cumin-lemon-garlic delicious.

GP’s No-Recipe
Dairy-Free Bagna Cauda

Mix a cup of the Reserva with two grated cloves of garlic and ten anchovies and warm it on the stove; everything will melt together. Grind some pepper over the top. Serve with just about anything, though I especially love it with radishes and greens.

I love these. They look good in practically any setting (and make a fantastic hostess gift).

Atelier Saucier
Rainbow Twill Napkins
4-Piece Set

goop, $66


Summer Reading

This is such an incredibly motivating, decade-by-decade guide to looking and feeling your best from fashion designer Norma Kamali (she’s seventy-six and looks better than she ever has—Google her and you’ll want this book, and you’ll want to practically drink olive oil as she has for the last thirty years). Just reading it, I feel healthier and want to jump up and move my body.

I Am Invincible
goop, $35


How I’m Keeping My Hair in Shape

Sun and water—especially chlorinated water—can really trash your hair, so I focus on keeping it soft and healthy.

Nothing feels as good as this whipped shampoo—the chunks of pink salt massage your scalp, and it foams into this beautiful cream, smells so good, and leaves your hair so soft.

goop Beauty
G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo
goop, $42


To moisturize, smooth frizz, and leave your hair smelling sexily of jasmine, this serum is just so good. Smooth it through your hair to help protect it before a day outside or twist a little into your ends before you go out.

Fortifying Hair Serum: Mighty Majesty
goop, $70


Summer Sexiness

What can I say? It’s our bestseller for a reason.

goop Wellness
Double-Sided Wand Vibrator
goop, $95


Bonus: Lazier Morning Coffee

I have a whole new little coffee setup at home. I love a French press in the morning, iced, with a
splash of organic cream; some other household members like it hot (even when it’s hot out).

I love these—they go with any table style and resist both heat and cold. They’re great for my iced coffee in the mornings and for bone broth later on.

Trendglas JENA
Large German Glass Mug
goop, $22


The best, I’m telling you.

Fair Trade Specialty Coffee
goop, $28


This grinder is made especially for pour-over, French press, cold-brews, and more. The difference is amazing.

Ode Brew Grinder
goop, $299


If I’m driving somewhere or simply want to walk around the garden or along the beach, this portable splash-discouraging cup has a ceramic interior, so the taste is just the coffee, pure and delicious (stainless steel can leave a funny taste, not to mention sensation).

Carter Move Mug
goop, $30


If you want a hot cup of coffee, this guy is insulated, and the inside is non-stick, so just rinse it out instead of the usual intense degunking.

Clara French Press
goop, $99


We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest only things we love and think you might, as well. We also like transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through the external links on this page.

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