Samsung and Sony face new competition in high-end consumer displays: Here comes Planar – Scott Wilkinson

Planar has been a fixture at the CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association) Expo for many years, even though its primary business has been supplying video-wall displays for commercial purposes, such as major news sets and corporate offices. The company had hoped to attend the in-person Expo this week, but with the Delta variant of COVID-19 raging across the world, many exhibitors, including Planar, have decided to forgo the trip and offer online virtual briefings instead.

That’s unfortunate, because Planar had some really big product news to share that would have been great to see in person. The company is taking aim at the consumer custom-installation market with its new series of Lifestyle Displays. Why add this element to its already extensive portfolio? Partly because of the pandemic, which has caused consumers to spend a lot more on home entertainment and streaming and a lot less on going out to the movies. Also, Planar has continued to refine its video-wall technology, making entry into the lower-margin consumer market more feasible.

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