30 Crusty, Chewy, Buttery Bread Recipes – Katie Macdonald

The only thing more satisfying than smelling freshly baked bread is smelling freshly baked bread in your own kitchen. There’s a reason baking bread is its own kind of ritual. A from-scratch loaf is a mix between science and magic, where simple flour, salt, and water transform into crusty-edged, fluffy-centered (and hopefully butter-slathered) goodness. It’s delicious, yes, but it’s also empowering—a project that warms your home and satisfies deeply.

Whether you love pillowy focaccia, craggy soda bread, or a tangy sourdough, there’s a bread recipe waiting for you. And to prove it (eh?), we’ve combed through Food52’s decade-old recipe box for our 30 favorite bread recipes, ever.


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