Our Favorite Modular Couches Are on *Major* Sale for Labor Day – Jada Wong

For the past three years, I’ve recommended my Burrow Nomad couch to anyone who was willing to listen. It’s a simple full-grain leather couch with a removable lounging chaise and ottoman, and it’s withstood a move, dogs with sharp claws, and kids with lots of energy. It’s something I’d pay top dollar for (full disclosure: I tested the couch some years ago as a writer specializing in home and kitchen gear), and right now, it’s on major sale.

Save up to $750 at Burrow from Saturday, August 28 through Sunday, September 12. Take 10 percent off any purchase up to $1,899, or take anywhere from $200 to $750 off your entire purchase—the larger your order, the larger the discount. The direct-to-consumer furniture brand has a sale only a handful of times a year, but this is the biggest one so far. If you’ve been waiting to deck out your space, now’s your chance. The discounts are automatically applied at checkout as long as you hit the thresholds, or you can use the code LDW21. Oh, did we mention there’s free shipping?


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