4 Expert Tips for a Mindfulness Practice You Can Actually Keep Up – Jessica Fields

It’s safe to say that over the past year-plus, we’ve learned a thing or two about what’s really important, from learning how to cook to creating a good work-life balance (especially for those of us working from home). In more ways than one, the pandemic-induced isolation provided the perfect backdrop for self-centering. Maybe you’ve picked up new habits that prioritize well-being: learned how to be present and intentional with your choices; started to take better care of your body, whatever that looks like for you; or made an effort to put mental health first through mindful practices like meditation.

This year has brought some reprieve and a glimmer of what our “new normal” looks like. But as we head back into the world in 2021, how do we maintain the mindful practices that carried us through such a trying time? With many jobs forming hybrid in-office schedules, and schools starting back, finding the time for daily meditations will no doubt be difficult; still, the importance of the practice has not changed. Though meditation is a time of self-reflection, it helps to have a little guidance from trusted instructors. For thoughts on how to keep the mindful mindset strong, I spoke with some experts: author, writing-to-heal facilitator, and self-care advocate Alex Elle and mindful meditation artist and registered psychiatric nurse Dora Kamu.


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