My Utility Closet Was a Disaster—So I Got Professional Help – Caroline Mullen

I do a lot of organizing, re-organizing, and re-organizing again. Each time a lunch container falls at my feet in the kitchen or a spare shampoo bottle comes hurtling down from my closet, I’m more than likely to drop everything and redo the whole organization system. Often, it just means carefully refolding and stacking things, but sometimes, a more aggressive overhaul is necessary.

Enter: my utility closet. It’s notorious (to me) for being a human-sized catchall for all the things myself and my roommates don’t know what to do with: lightbulbs, brooms, sidewalk salt, bike pumps, Christmas decor—you name it, it’s in there. And because it houses so many disparate things (that we all need at different times) it falls into disarray faster than any other storage space in the apartment.


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