Through ‘Purposeful’ Relationships, New Equity Consulting Just Redefined “Pre-IPO” Market – Nicholas Say

Sometimes the best advice is the simplest–especially when it comes to investing. New Equity Consulting, the industry-leader in connecting high net worth individuals with private investment opportunities, offers a simple and impactful strategy: get in pre-IPO

Founded by Rohan Bhatia, New Equity Consulting gives members the opportunity to purchase shares of multi-billion dollar valued companies before they hit the stock market. By placing emphasis on the power of meaningful connections, New Equity Consulting has access to Silicon Valley’s (and the world’s) most promising private companies—which it then makes available to its elite network of investors at exclusive pricing.

Having access to Airbnb at $50 (this week trading at $160), Snowflake at $45 (now at $250), and Palantir at $8 ($26 as of today)—New Equity Consulting’s members are profiting from the financial industry’s most lucrative opportunities. “What used to be reserved for institutional investors, and took hours of paperwork, is available to regular investors through New Equity Consulting’s network. Most investors are still unaware that opportunities for 100% returns or more are now easily accessible to them”, says CEO Rohan Bhatia.

New Equity Consulting CEO, Rohan Bhatia.

From crypto-platform Kraken, to payment-processor Stripe and many more–members are getting in on the ground floor before companies hit the open market, profiting from a window of opportunity to yield returns immediately upon the IPO.

New Equity Consulting tailors each investor’s experience, to their personal interests, risk comfort and long-term goals. Through proof of concept, dedication to members, and unwavering commitment to growth; New Equity Consulting’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with each success.

With startup funding, especially in the tech industry, reaching an all-time high in the United States, being able to invest in them before they go public represents an extremely valuable opportunity to increase returns on investment.

The increasing participation of investment funds in the startup ecosystem also provides startups with increasing leverage in negotiations, allowing them to raise funds without having to deviate from their original vision.

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