18 Fall Centerpieces to Warm Your Table Right Up – Caroline Mullen

Centerpieces—be they at a wedding or just a static, steady feature on your dining table—have a reputation for being rather fussy. Many of them are also very obviously seasonal: sunflowers and cacti for summer, red berries and coniferous branches in winter.

They don’t have to be so boxed in, though, and they don’t have to be floral. And they certainly needn’t be fussy, because, quite frankly, who needs that right now. I’m quite partial to centerpieces that just use what’s available, like a variety of produce or a collection of vintage items you have lying around used as vases—the more unexpected, the better. Below, we’ve collected 13 unique centerpiece ideas that will scratch your creative itch and feel 100 percent autumnal, but can easily be modified for any theme or season.


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