Reolink Duo security cameras use twin lenses to provide an extra-wide field of view – Michael Brown

Reolink designed its latest home security camera, the Reolink Duo, to monitor larger properties that might otherwise require two cameras. It promises to deliver an ultra-wide field of view—150 degrees right to left—thanks to the presence of dual lenses, each of which is connected to a 4-megapixel image sensor. The video from the two lenses plays back in side-by-side windows with a thin vertical line separating the two feeds.

The Reolink Duo will be offered in four configurations: Dual-band Wi-Fi with a DC power supply ($130), dual-band Wi-Fi with an onboard battery ($200), power-over-ethernet ($110), or LTE with an onboard battery and a solar panel ($300). Each model will record video at 15 frames per second in resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels h.265 format. In addition to recording video to the cloud, the cameras can also accommodate up to a 128GB microSD for onboard storage (not included).

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