Sonos to support high-res Amazon Music, along with Dolby Atmos Music – Ben Patterson

Alongside its reveal of the updated Beam soundbar, Sonos announced Tuesday that most of its S2-class wireless speakers will gain support for high-resolution music streaming from a new source: Amazon Music. Also coming soon: the ability to stream immersive Dolby Atmos Music tracks.

Sonos says that support for Amazon Music’s 24-bit Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos-encoded 3D tracks will arrive “later this year.”

Most of Sonos’s S2 range of speakers will support high-res Amazon Music streaming, including the Sonos One, the Roam, the Move, and the Sonos Five. Four S2-class speakers that won’t be able to stream Ultra HD tunes from Amazon Music are the Play:1, the Play:3, the Playbase, and the Playbar.

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