How to add smart lighting to your home the easy way – Brian Nadel

How many tech journalists does it take to screw in a smart lightbulb? At least four: one to do the work (me) while the others give expert opinions, star ratings, and race each other to be the first to publish their opinion. Seriously, setting up smart lightbulbs and outlets are tasks that one person can easily accomplish in less than an hour.

The pay-off is big. I now can control the room’s lights and tune their color as well as turn a space heater on and off right from my phone or even with voice commands thanks to an Echo or Google Home smart speaker or display. It has made my life just a little easier.

I’ll take you through picking the right smart devices, setting them up and controlling the gear. The good news is that you won’t need any tools or require any special knowledge to do the job. You will need the smart devices and a phone or tablet to connect to, configure, and control the devices.

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