What the Heck Is Boom Boom Lemon Drink? – Kelly Vaughan

If you’ve been cooling off with Netflix recently, you may have come across the recently-released film Kate, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the titular assassin with 24 hours to live, and an unquenchable thirst for revenge—and Boom Boom Lemon drink. The thirst-quenching citrus beverage naturally proves difficult for Kate to find, but it does manage to inspire an unlikely friendship between her and Ani (Miku Martineau), who just want to get their hands on their favorite soda.

If you found yourself watching Kate and fantasizing about a sip of the lemon soda yourself, you’re definitely not alone. Twitter was abuzz with fans not only rooting for Winstead to take a sip before the credits rolled, but also hoping to score some Boom Boom Lemon drink themselves. Unfortunately for viewers, Boom Boom Lemon is not—at least for now—a real product. The good news is that there at least seems to be a Japanese equivalent that’s close enough. That would be C.C. Lemon, which parent company Suntory (who you may recall from Lost In Translation) describes as “the No.1 lemon-flavoured carbonated drink in Japan for over 20 years.” Its popularity may or may not have something to do with the fact that characters from The Simpsons have appeared in quite a few of C.C. Lemon commercials over the years, arguably making them more recognizable in Japan from the ads than the show itself.


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