All About Brandy Snaps, the Lacy Biscuit From ‘The Great British Bake Off’ – Kelly Vaughan

The second episode of the 12th season of The Great British Bake Off premiered this week and once again, there were some sweet recipes. Most notably were Brandy Snaps, which were introduced as part of the show’s signature challenge. They sound delicious, right? Are they just gingersnaps made with brandy and filled with cream? Yes and no. Ahead, find out how to make a traditional batch of Brandy Snaps, plus how to make them your own.

What Are Brandy Snaps?

These thin, rolled cookies only call for a few ingredients but they’re quite fragile to make, which is why they’re the perfect recipe to introduce in a competition baking show like GBBO, especially during “Biscuit Week.” In this week’s challenge, bakers could form the cookies in any shape they pleased but they had to be coated, dipped, or filled, a signature feature of Brandy Snaps. They also must look identical, another signature feature of these British cookies.


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