My Secret to a Fresh-Smelling Home? This Diffuser. – Jada Wong

My house can be a mess with clean(ish) laundry piled up on the couch and a stack of pans “soaking” in the sink, but the one thing that’s non-negotiable? It has to smell nice.

While a fresh-smelling home can’t exactly hide the clothes and cookware, it can at least mask the smell of days-old fruit hanging out in the garbage can when I forget to compost or when the mud room starts to smell like eau de sweaty socks. Even as I write this while sitting sprawling out on the couch with yet another pile of clothes next to me, my trusty Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is silently transforming my living room-turned-office into Acadia National Park with its bounty of balsam fir trees.


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