7 Pro Tips to Create Magical Outdoor Lighting – Sarah Whitman-Salkin

If you’ve been spending these lovely early fall evenings outdoors, you already know that there are a few essentials for making night hangs a success: a cozy blanket, perhaps a small fire, and definitely some good lighting. The blanket speaks for itself, but the lighting, well, that’s a bit more complicated.

Great outdoor lighting has to be many things at once: it should illuminate the space, but not be so bright that you feel like you’re in a fluorescent-lit parking lot; it should add ambience, but not be so precious or fussy that you, as the host, are distracted by its maintenance; it should work with the space you have, so that you’re not required to rewire your backyard in order to spend an evening on the porch. Above all, it should make your space feel really special, so that every time you step outside you feel a twinge of delight, whether you’re entertaining or enjoying one final drink before bed.


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