Turtlebox Speaker review: An audio experience designed to literally go anywhere – Christopher Null

Turtlebox is unapologetic that its mission is “to make the loudest, rugged portable speaker in the market that is specifically built for the outdoors.” It has arguably succeeded on that front, though it has also succeeded at creating the ugliest Bluetooth speaker on the market. Clearly, you’re going to have to pick one of your primary senses here: the way it sounds, or the way it looks.

Let’s start with its sound. There’s no way around it: Turtlebox has made good on its goal of providing outstanding audio quality via crisp highs and thunderous bass. And it’s deafeningly loud; what’s more, there doesn’t seem to be any distortion, no matter how high you punch the volume up. There’s no clear indication of when you reach maximum volume via the backlit onboard controls, but I don’t think it’s even possible to get there if you’re standing right next to the speaker without causing permanent hearing damage. (The unit is specified to top out at 120dB.)

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