18 Food Gift Baskets They’ll Want To Dig Into Right Away – Jada Wong

It should be no surprise that our love language is food. We’re often sending food baskets, DIY cocktail kits, or frozen handmade dishes to our friends and family—especially during the pandemic since we can’t see our loved ones as often as we’d like.

But the term “food basket” often brings to mind a hodgepodge of stale crackers, fresh-ish fruit, and nuts that came from the bottom-most shelf at a gas station. You know what we’re talking about—thankfully, these food basket gift ideas are not that. Instead, these thoughtfully curated gift baskets are delicious, fresh from the farm (or restaurant in some cases), and guaranteed to be eaten as soon as they’re unwrapped—instead of being regifted or relegated to the back of the pantry.


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