PSA: Don’t peel off the protective cover on your OLED Switch’s glass screen – Chaim Gartenberg

Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

If you’re the owner of a Nintendo Switch OLED console, make sure you don’t try to peel off the integrated screen protector on your new device.

While the OLED Switch’s display is technically made of glass, you won’t actually ever come in contact with it directly. That’s because Nintendo has stuck an “anti-scattering adhesive film” to the front of the display for added protection. Anti-scattering films are typically used to prevent glass from breaking into sharp shards in the event of damage, in addition to helping protect from scratches.

The original Switch and Switch Lite didn’t have that concern, given that they both had plastic displays, but it’s a helpful addition to make sure that the glass display doesn’t cause problems if you…

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