How to Turn Practically Any Grain Into a Pie Crust – Erin Jeanne McDowell

I first wrote about grain crusts in 2014. Back then, I was actively praising the concept of “easy” pie crusts. This recipe is incredibly easy. It requires less than 5 base ingredients, and no need to get out the rolling pin—it’s pressed into the pie plate.

But it’s more than the ease that keeps me coming back to these crusts over and over again. See, I first created this method back when I lived alone. I would cook large batches of grains, and sometimes I’d use some of these prepped ingredients to make a mini tart or pie crust for myself on the fly. Very quickly, I found that that these kinds of pie crusts are a wonderful way to remix leftovers, and are infinitely adaptable for all kinds of portion sizes and flavor pairing possibilities. They’re also a wonderful way to bake a pie using whole grains, including grains that might be naturally gluten-free.


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