So You Want to Know More About Your Antiques – Garrett Fleming

A few years ago, I drove an hour to snag an old dresser from the garage of a vintage dealer. It was quite a trek, but the piece was too special to pass up. A dimensional crest topped with a waving ribbon was sprawled across its four drawers, and, save for a few chips, it was in wonderful condition. Better yet, it only cost me $100.

The seller couldn’t tell me much about it, other than that he estimated it was built in the 1930s because of its extravagant style. To find out more, I recently DM’d Tilt Top Living’s Hayley and Craig Redmond Cilley, a pair of history buffs who help their followers identify and date their antique or vintage furniture for—get this—just $25. “We wholeheartedly believe that knowing more about your pieces’ stories creates a greater sense of connection and appreciation for them,” Haley says, adding, “There is something really special about knowing an object has experienced a long journey before you and that you get to add to it.”


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