This Season’s Best Fruity Dessert, According to You – sdebrango

Our latest contest theme, Your Best Recipe With Summer Fruit, highlighted the brightest recipes starring seasonal summer produce. We were looking for creative and delicious recipes from our community of home cooks. The possibilities were endless: From sweet to savory, appetizers to entrees and cocktails, you did not disappoint, and we cooked and ate our way through dozens of intriguing finalists.

With such a wide range of recipes to choose from, it wasn’t an easy choice, but we narrowed it down to two. Becca Jacobs No Bake Goat Cheese Cheesecake with Summer Fruit Swirl is a creamy and delicious no bake cheese cake with a jammy summer fruit swirl while Meera Bhave gave us Plum & Summer Squash Phylo Samosas crisp and flaky savory samosa utilizing a surprising combination of both fruit and vegetables.


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