AMD Radeon RX 6600 official: 1080p for $329, at retail any moment now – Sean Hollister

Surprise! AMD just revealed the $329* Radeon RX 6600, a new budget 1080p gaming graphics card that should be available at Amazon, Best Buy, Micro Center and Newegg starting as soon as the very moment we published this story at 9AM ET. Given how exorbitant GPU prices have been during the global chip crunch, you should probably stop reading if you want one and get with the clicking.

OK: If you’re reading these words, I’m assuming you’ve now secured either a new GPU or a dose of disappointment. Great! Now let’s discuss why you might actually want this video card, based on my recent briefing with AMD.

*all of these prices are made up by AMD and Nvidia and you’ll rarely ever see them

If you’ve read my colleague Tom Warren’s recent AMD RX…

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