The iconic Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin wireless speaker is back—and entirely new – Michael Brown

Bowers & Wilkins turned heads when it brought the highly unconventional Zeppelin to market 15 years ago. The all-in-one speaker shaped like the German dirigible sounded better than anything in its class, and it could stream music from your iPod—remember those?—while charging it. The 2015 model dropped the iPod dock—and the Apple exclusivity—while also adding support for the aptX codec. B&W’s engineers have gone back to the drawing board one more time to reimagine the Zeppelin for today’s streaming age.

The speaker’s shape is no gimmick, so B&W had no intention of messing with a winning formula, even if they have upgraded all the components inside it. The design places the speaker’s decoupled double-dome tweeters—the same high-frequency drivers used in the 600 Anniversary Series loudspeakers—at the far ends of enclosure, where they’re fully isolated from vibrations produced by the other larger drivers.

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