The Stress-Free Guide to Small-Space Entertaining – Laura Fenton

No Space Too Small is a brand new column by Laura Fenton that celebrates the idea that you can live well in a small home. Each month, Laura will share her practical findings from years of observing how people live in tight spaces, and her own everyday experiences of living small—from the hunt for the perfect tiny desk and managing everyday clutter to how to smooth the frustrations out of cooking in a galley kitchen.

The one and only time I ever wrote a letter to the newspaper, I had recently moved out of a 265-square foot studio and The New York Times had just run a home tour of a similarly small studio in their Home section. The apartment, which belonged to decorator Zach Motl, was fantastic—it still holds up all these years later—but I was irked by Motl’s assertion that you wouldn’t want to cook in a small apartment. I love to cook and I especially love to cook for friends, so I wrote the Times to say that “no matter the size of his space, I wholeheartedly disagree.”


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