Nanoleaf Lines review: These smart, backlit light lines can put on a show – Ben Patterson

Nanoleaf has always prided itself on breaking the mold with its smart lights, from its earliest light panels to its Shapes and recent Elements line. Heck, even Nanoleaf’s 120-sided “Essentials” A19 bulb dances to its own beat. Now Nanoleaf has something new up its sleeve: Lines, a modular smart lighting product with backlit, foot-long “line lights” that shine in up to 16 million colors and snap onto hexagonal connectors, allowing for a variety of customizable designs.

Unlike Nanoleaf’s previous smart lighting product, the Elements light panels, the Lines aren’t understated or subtle. While the monochromatic, “wood-look” Elements were designed to blend in to your dining room decor, the colorful, eye-catching Lines are practically begging to go with your RGB-equipped gaming rig, where they can jazz up your Twitch stream and even mirror the colors on your screen. And while the handsome Elements look pretty good when they’re not glowing, the same can’t be said of the Lines, which are a bit of an eyesore when they’re powered off.

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